Treehouse Children’s Academy was founded in March, 2013. Our school offers a small, close-knit atmosphere with teachers who have a passion for teaching children and assisting them in their development. Treehouse places values first. We teach a traditional philosophy of education, one that has been successful in educating children academically and spiritually for generations, training them in Christian character and teaching them to be articulate and knowledgeable. Treehouse classrooms offer structure, as well as the freedom to bring creativity to the classroom. We combined our passion for teaching with our love of children to develop a program that places safety, cleanliness and curriculum as a priority.

Treehouse schools teaches traditional concepts. Traditional education is based on America’s educational heritage and supports biblical beliefs such as accountability, respect for authority and Godly character. The program we use specializes in traditional phonics, language development and numbers. Our teachers are trained to offer extra challenges for those who learn quickly and give special help for those who struggle. Our classrooms are built on consistency giving your child the confidence they need to succeed. Parents can have confidence that their children will receive a high-quality education both spiritually and academically. We are committed to presenting a superior program that gives your children the education they need in both areas.

Safety is of upmost concern at Treehouse Children’s Academy. We follow strict safety and security procedures. To give you peace of mind we take many precautions to make our school safe and secure, including state of the art security. Our teachers are continuously trained so they learn the most current and relevant information regarding their responsibility as your child’s care giver and teacher. Teachers receivetraining in emergency procedures, safety practices, and have over 48 training hours annually. We want to ensure every student has a classroom that was specifically designed for their age group, with developmental activities that are appropriate. Our playgrounds offer a softsurface that lowers the rate of accidents. Your child will not only have a trained teacher but a full staff that supports you and your child, including a cook who prepares nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and snack.

The cleanliness of schools is an important aspect of school environments.  Treehouse Children’s Academy wants their student’s to be successful and healthy. We have developed a sanitation process that disinfects and sanitizes all surfaces of the school including our developmental activities, hard surfaces, floors and walls . Our clean schools not only lower the threat of the spread of illness, but also offers an organized environment that creates for ideal learning opportunities. Providing and maintaining a clean environment teaches children about respect, self-help skills and responsibility.

Our mission is to give every child quality care, to make them feel comfortable and loved, to be taught what they can understand, to learn about God, and to enable them to grow up to be strong, caring, wise adults. Our passion is children, for Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14