Preschool Program Lubbock, TX

Explore our Early Education Programs in the Lubbock, TX area

When your child is enrolled in early education and preschool programs through Treehouse Children's Academy, they will receive a strong foundation while being educated from God's point of view. It's that simple. Our team takes great pride in catering to Lubbock, TX families, setting the standard in local care.

Day Care Lubbock, TX

Infant program

We will provide your child with a loving and nurturing environment. All of our infants receive individual feedings and attention. Each child is fed and takes naps according to his/her established routines. They will begin to discover their environment through all of their senses. We will provide auditory, visual and sensory learning.  Our program is designed to give each child as much contact as possible with their caregivers to encourage emotional, intellectual and physical development.  Children will begin exploring and learning as we begin to teach them to recognize their colors and introduce them to sign language. Sign language increases your child's vocabulary and helps them communicate earlier.

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Day Care Lubbock, TX

Toddler Program (18 months)

Our teachers are trained to recognize and help the different stages of toddlers. They provide individual attention and help toddlers to accept limits and frustrations in a positive way.  Although most children at this age are nonverbal, we teach them to communicate using sign language.  Our toddlers also are taught the God Says program, which reinforces the child’s belief that they are special, loved and one of a kind. We encourage, self-discipline, self-knowledge, independence, enthusiasm for learning and intellectual stimulation.

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Early Education Lubbock, TX


Preschool 2's Program

Our preschool room is designed to help advance your child with the development of preparing them to go to Kindergarten. We have a Christian based curriculum that helps children advance for their future academic success. We have the following schedule: foreign language, science, reading, Biblical life lessons, art class, math, sign language, writing and cultural appreciation. The staff in the preschool room will keep an assessment portfolio of daily activities, photos, art projects and classroom assignments. The portfolios are stored for fall and spring parent-teacher conferences but parents are able to view their child's portfolio at any time.

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Private Preschool Lubbock, TX

Preschool 3's Program

Our preschool program is designed to support and guide the independence your child exhibits. By providing structure and positive guidance through out the day they will learn to share, get along with others and perform tasks that require longer attention spans. They will begin using  a specialized curriculum and expanding their knowledge and prepare them for our Kindergarten 4 program.

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Preschool Program Lubbock, TX

K4 Program

Our Kindergarten 4 program creates an environment that encourages curiosity and offers challenges to stimulate development. As your child enters our preschool program expect to see them learning and progressing rapidly. Our program will encourage your child to challenge themselves with a balance of Bible, Habits and Procedures, Independent Art, Language Development, Large Group Activities, Science and Sensory, Music and Movement, Library and Literacy, Manipulative's, Dramatic Play, Numbers, Phonics and Writing.

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Christian School Lubbock, TX


Treehouse Children's Academy has partnered up with a Kindergarten 5 program at Learning Tree Children's Academy for a continuation of our curriculum. For more information, please visit, or give them a call at 806-771-2323.